To-Do List

Welcome to my to-do list.

I plan to keep on releasing figures until I run out of subjects that are within my capacity to sculpt. I work at my own speed and on the figures I want to work on. I will occasionally allow the project's Facebook Group to vote on which figure I tackle next (out of a list of pre-approved options), but only when the fancy strikes me. Please do not contact me to request that I work on a particlar design or ask when your favorite monster will become available. I will try to get to everything on this list eventually (if my fellow designers don't beat me to it), but it's a slow process, and I plan to be at this for several years.

You will note that there are no figures with human faces on my to-do list. There's a very good reason for that.

I am not skilled enough at 3D sculpting to construct a human face from scratch. And even if I did stumble across a free-to-use pre-made model with a high enough polygon count that bore a striking resemblance to an actor from Doctor Who, or a "build a face" 3D modeling software that could create one for me, You just can't squeeze enough detail out of standard filament to make a convincing face, even when printing at 20 microns like my HD printer. When that face then has to be painted flesh tone and have extra fine details added to it, it looks even worse, as you can see from my hideous bug-eyed example above.

True, there are $1300 resin printers out there that can print in amazing detail, and for the price of a small car, you can even get a 3D printer that will print in color, but I (and the majority of other home hobbyists can't afford these sort of toys) and the entire purpose of this project is to create figures that can be shared and enjoyed by Doctor Who fans of all ages and income brackets.

So as much as I'd like to build a Dominator, Movellan, or Drahvin, I just can't.
Not for the forseeable future.

My "no human faces" rule also applies to half masks and prosthetics. This includes Ogrons, Draconians, Primoids, Vogans, Tharils, or any other creature where you can see the actors eyes, nose, or mouth, or equally detailed prosthetics like the Haemovores or The Destroyer.

That said, there are still plenty of figures that I can pull off using a standard resolution printer. And who knows.... maybe by the time I reach figure #50, the price and technology of these fancier space-age machines will have come down to the point that I can afford one myself and start printing figures I once thought impossible.

The following figures are ones that I am 100% certain *will* be made. Just give me time:

  • 20th Anniversary TARDIS Console Room. Once I get the console printed the way I want, I'll start building the rest of the console room as a series of slot-together panels, with working doors, scanner screen, interior door, and a little bit of corridor.

  • Classic TARDIS Console & Console Room. This will happen. I have an excellent model from Hastran, it just needs to be cleaned up and pimped out with lights and movement like the 20th Anniversary. (Although it'll be more work because every panel is different). Once the console is done, I'll work on the rest of the console room as well, including props like the Astral Map, Food Machine, and possibly the Time-Space Visualizer.

  • Wood-paneled Secondary Console Room. Same as above. Got a model already, primarily a case of cleaning it up for 3D printing and adding bells and whistles.

  • WOTAN from The War Machines. More or less a big solid box covered in lights and and a few tape reels similar to The Master's TARDIS from the Time Monster set. I figure I'll tackle this one once I finish off the War Machine, so they can be part of the same set. I plan on using the micro LED lights on this one, just like the 20th Anniversary TARDIS.

  • Yeti Mk. II from The Web of Fear. While it seems simple, since I already have the Mk. I in the bag, this is actually going to be a pain in the ass, because the face, chest, and hands sculpts are all completely different.

  • Krarg from Shada. More or less just a yeti body covered in flat plates. I will probably make this one out of black TGlase, so that it can be fitted with a red LED so it can glow to simulate the energized Krarg saturated by K9's laser blast.

  • Spirodon from Planet of the Daleks. This one is a cheat. Using the same fur texture as the Yeti, it's just an empty purple cloak that you can pop a dead Spirodon face into.

  • Cleaner Robot from Paradise Towers. Difficult enough that it'll take some time, but nothing I can't handle. Depending on the overall size, I may look into making this one GoBrix compatible for RC movement.

  • IMC Mining Robot from Colony in Space. I'll see how the War Machine and Cleaner Robot movement works out first. Should be very similar, though on a smaller scale.

  • Emperor Dalek from Evil of the Daleks. Massive, so I'd have to build it modular in several chunks, but geometrically not that complicated. I've got a couple of spare ISD1820 record/playback chips that I bought for another project, so who knows, this one may even end up with voice action! DO NOT FIGHT IN HERE!

  • TYPE 40 Travel Capsule (without chameleon circuit). Another one that should be easy. Pretty much two concentric cylinders.

These figures are more complicated designs that I'm fairly confident I can pull off, but that will either require significant effort on my part, are lower tier monsters nobody particularly cares about, and/or require base models or textures I don't have yet. I may not necessarily get to all of these, but I will try:

  • Voord from The Keys of Marinus. I have some rudimentary humanoid bodies that can be adapted now that I know how to do joint articulation. I'm still hoping to eventually find a model of a figure in a wet suit, since that would be perfect. The head will be a little bit difficult, but not impossible, assuming I can get the very narrow forehead prong to print.

  • Cybermat larger improved version from The Wheel in Space. The tiny version that came with the Tomb Cyberman was okay, but I've always has a fondness for the slightly larger version used in The Wheel in Space. I've tried to recreate one before, but the head is tricky. This is one situation where I wish I had better 3D scanning software because I've got a lovely big one that came with my Product Enterprise Cyberman that just needs to be scaled down by about 50%.

  • Morpho from The Keys of Marinus. A brain in a jar with eye stalks. I'll probably do this one if I do the Voord so they can be part of a set.

  • Nucleus of the Swarm from The Invisible Enemy. I would make this figure in a heartbeat if it wasn't for all the hairy spindly bits. There might be ways to pull it off, but it'll take some work. Like the Wirrn and Alpha Centauri, this one will also be a finger puppet.

  • Ice Lord from The Seeds of Death. This one has a lot of texturing on the body and armor. It would be difficult, but I've always wanted one, so that may make it happen.

  • Bellal/Exxilon Native from Death to the Daleks. My experiments with trying to reproduce human faces to create a Dominator resulted in something that tragically looked about as good as Bellal's face. Slapping on some "sunglass" eyes and giving him a slightly more "piggy" nose should give me something approximating an Exxilon Native appearance. Smooth out the face a bit, print it dark red, and slap on a burlap cloak, and I've almost got two figures for the price of one.

  • Monoid from The Ark. Just barely on the edge of my "No Human Faces" rule, since it's mainly a mop top in a collar with an egg in it's mouth. The hardest part is going to be finding a free face sculpt with an open mouth that I can shove the eye into.

  • White Robot from The Mind Robber. I used to think this one was too complex, but I think it's just about the maximum amount of detail and articulation I can get out of a figure. The hands may be problematic, but overall, I think this one is possible.

  • Carnival Head Auton from Terror of the Autons. I've been downloading free humanoid meshes where I can find them. The face is fairly uncomplicated, and looks not too dissimilar from my test printings. The hard part will be the giant novelty head, but it's big enough I'm hopeful I can pull off the level of detail required, given enough time.

  • Sensorite from The Sensorites. If I can pull off Bellal and his Exxilon chums, this one is probably also possible.

  • Nimon from The Horns of Nimon. The head would be the hardest part to sculpt. Otherwise, I could adapt a Voord body and slap on some hooves.

  • Raston Warrior Robot from The Five Doctors. Just requires I find a suitable "skinny athletic" humanoid mesh.

  • Mire Beast from The Chase. I have a couple of octopus meshes I've downloaded. If I find one that works, I may adapt it, but it'll be a low priority.

  • The Slyther from The Chase. I have a couple of octopus meshes I've downloaded. If I find one that works, I may adapt it, but it'll be a low priority.

  • Aggedor from Monster of Peladon and Curse of Peladon. Another complicated sculpt, but a monster I've always loved. I'd invariably end up adapting the Yeti body to create this one.

  • Mandrel from Nightmare of Eden. See above, but even more so.

  • Macra from The Macra Terror. Big stupid looking crab built onto the back of a Volkswagen. I have some crab meshes I've downloaded, this one may also be possible, but it'll be a low priority, especially as good source images are hard to come by.

  • Terileptil Android from The Visitation. On one hand, it's very angular, on the other, lots of surface detail and rhinestones. Plus it seems a shame to make one when there isn't a Terileptil to go with it, but if Character Options suddenly jump back in the game, this one might get bumped up the list.

  • L1 Robot from Mysterious Planet. A complicated build for a fairly forgettable robot, but I may make it if I make Drathro. Can be remote controlled like the War Machine and IMC Mining Robot.

  • Cult of Demnos from Masque of Mandragora. This one is also sort of a cheat. If I can come up with a convincing robe and the creepy removable face masks, the inside can be a golden light up sphere of helix energy!

  • Clockwork Soldier from The Mind Robber. Entirely possible to construct. Just a super low priority compared to other figures. Would be nice if I could make their hats light up somehow.

  • Mara from Kinda and Snakedance. It's a giant pink snake. I'm sure I can find a snake model somewhere. If I ever find one that seems similar to the extra cheap inflatable version from Kinda, I may have to build it, just for a laugh.

  • Total Survival Suit (TSS) System from Kinda. Probably possible to sculpt, but the holes where the figures are supposed to stick their arms through might be tricky. Also, less fun without an Adric figure to shove inside it.

  • Rani's TARDIS (all 3 versions) from Mark of the Rani, Time and the Rani, and Dimensions in Time. All three are easy builds, but there's not much point without a Rani figure to go with it.

  • Meglos from Meglos. It's just a bloody cactus. If I really start getting desperate for figures, I may make one.

  • Krynoid (Episode 5 version) from Seeds of Doom. This is the "shambling mound" version. Mainly difficult because of all the tentacly protrusions that probably won't print well. Still, it's one of my favorite stories, so I might give it a shot.

  • Fungoid from The Chase. Apparently also known as a Gubbage Cone, these were the singularly non-threatening looking umbrella-mushroom things from Mechanus. I may try making one eventually out of TPU or another flexible material. I'm thinking I might be able to fake the droopy looped tentacles on the inside by making a bunch of separate loops that just slot into holes.

  • Animus from The Web Planet. This is basically the top part of a Fungoid on top of a slightly smaller Fungoid, with extra tentacles on top and a light in the bottom. The stringy nature of the tentacles makes this one iffy, but if I attempt the one, I may attempt the other.

  • Seer from Underworld. AKA the golden toaster-head robot guards in gimp masks. The removable masks are going to be the only real hard part, assuming I find a suitable premade body.

  • Plasmaton from Time-Flight. The absolute worst monster ever featured on Doctor Who. I may make one at some point just as an April Fool's joke. (Hey, I already made the Taran Wood Beast)

  • Imperial Dalek Shuttlecraft from Remembrance of the Daleks. The individual panels are comparatively easy, but the entire thing would need to be assembled modularly. That would take work, plus the entire thing would be about 18" long when assembled! I don't have that much room left on my toy shelf!

  • Dalek Battle Computer from Remembrance of the Daleks. A comparatively easy sculpt, but you really need a creepy girl action figure to stick inside it.

These figures are super complicated, and may not be possible at all, but I still may give them a try some day:

  • Optera from The Web Planet. It seems a shame to leave out the Menoptera, but I'd never be able to do the wings. Their caterpillar underground brethren may just be possible though, though their stubby tentacle dreds may take quite some playing around with to produce something that's printable.

  • Kandyman from The Happiness Patrol. Again, lots of fiddly fine detail that may not work out, but I may attempt it just because it's another figure I've always wanted!

  • Kamelion from The King's Demons and Planet of Fire. This is a big *if* of a figure, probably destined for the end of the run when I've only got complicated stuff left, or when I really feel like a challenge. His face may be smooth and simple enough that I can print it at maximum detail and have it come out okay. Moreso than a lot of figures on the list, I honestly don't know if this one is going to be possible.

  • Cryon from Attack of the Cybermen. As above. The faces may be smooth and simple enough that I can print at maximum detail and have them come out okay. The dainty human hands and well manicured fingernails... I'm less optimistic about those.

  • Drathro from Mysterious Planet. Angular, but lots of points of articulation and the hands look complicated. Also, some of those curved sections may be hard to pull off.

  • Fish People from The Underwater Menace. Another one just barely on the edge of my "No Human Faces" rule. This one may just barely be possible since the faces are a single color, covered in scales, and the eyes aren't visible. On the other hand, nobody out there is desperately clamoring for a fish person action figure.

  • Foamasi from The Leisure Hive. Large scaly chameleons with lots of annoying wrinkles. There are parts of this figure I know I could pull off, but I'm not sure about the entire thing.

  • The Myrka from Warriors of the Deep. I hold a special fondness for the derpiest of Doctor Who monsters, and they don't get much worse than the pantomime horse of the briny deep. There are so many reasons not to even attempt this build. It's massive, has a hard to reproduce texture and muscular system (I'd probably have to try to build it out of frogs and plucked chickens, if such models exist), plus it's got head fins, skin folds, and lots of stringy seaweed looking hangy-downy bits. Building it would be a nightmare, but I sure would love to have one.
  • Rills from Galaxy 4. It would be nice for my Chumbleys to have some pals. This one would be entirely dependent on me getting proficient with Scupltris, but the fact that they don't move at all is a plus.

  • Vervoid from Terror of the Vervoids. Another ambitious build that's just about possible if I use all my abilities, but may end up looking like crap and having to be abandoned.

  • Gods of Ragnarok from Greatest Show in the Galaxy. Seems simple enough, but there are a lot of folds in their robes. I have no doubt it would print okay, but creating the mesh is the hard part.

  • Tractators from Frontios. Like many others, I'm sure it would print fine, it's just an insanely difficult sculpt.

  • The Whomobile. Massive and lots of work (plus I'd have to find a reliable way of printing transparent for the cockpit) but I may eventually attempt it since I've always wanted one.


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