035 - Erato & Wolf Weeds
From The Creature From The Pit (1979)
Version 1 - Updated 4/1/2021

Beta: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1h9Cnfm6IoF_qyFqL3i4QcPSWvOXvP1te

Notes: This was the annual April Fools Day figure release for 2021, only this one is a bit of a rubbish looking monster double-dip, because the figure also comes with two Wolf Weeds.

Print Recommendations: Erato is a very big boy, roughly the size of a Sontaran Scout Ship and is too large (approximately 230mm by 240mm by 220mm tall) to fit on most standard sized printers. I have therefore created four subfolders where the body has been split into one piece (both hollow and non-hollow format), halves, quarters, and eigths.

If you are attempting to print Erato on a regular-sized Anycubic Photon or Elegoo Mars size resin printer, you will likely need to split the eighths-sized pieces into even smaller 16ths size pieces.

The translator shield accessory also comes in a one-piece variant for SLA (Resin) printing, or a split version for PLA (filament) printing. Make sure you use the correct files for your printer type.

This figure require the use of 1.5mm wide brass rods for the two arm pivots (though you can substitute a bit of nail, wire coathanger, or even a toothpick if you're desperate.) Stick the rod in through the side hole (you may need to carefully widen it with a 2mm drill bit if it's collapsed), mark it, then snip the rod just a mm or two shorter than the mark, so the edge doesn't stick out past the opening. After painting, attach the two pieces together with the snipped brass rod, then seal the end of the hole with some UV craft resin, glue, milliput, or something similar and paint over again once dry.

Color Recommendations: Erato is often shown in strong green light, and appears greener than he really was. Additionally, when on the surface and pressed up against the castle door, his skin looked to be a dark brown (possibly, that's his natural color when he isn't in a pit and having astrologers thrown at him.) I would recommend painting him a greenish-grey with a little bit of brown mixed in. The underside of his "belly" and arms tend to be yellowish brown, and the round bumps placed at various points on his body also appear to be brown.

His translator shield is a dark silver grey the color of lead or pewter, with a darker grey interior. The handles and back side of the shield appear to be a lighter aluminum color.
When inactive, the central plug of the shield is an opaque white, but when somebody is touching it the tip lights up yellow (with some red spheres inside) and the shaft lights up blue-green.

The Wolf Weeds are primarily a dark green, but they have streaks of yellowish green, similar to Erato's underbelly. They also have a few tufts of what looks like fake Halloween spider-webbing sticking out from parts of their "body" and then for added realism, they were allowed to roll across a dirty studio floor and pick up all sorts of dried straw and leaves.


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