024 - The Master's TARDIS
From The Claws of Axos (1971)
Version 1 - Updated 5/6/2019


Notes: Stuart Galloway designed a similar TARDIS over on Thingiverse that I was going to link to directly on our new Guest Templates page, but then I noticed the corners weren't as smooth as they could be, the height was a bit off, the door proportions not quite right, etc. so perfectionist that I am, I ended up building a brand new version from scratch to more closely resemble the original prop.

The box is unusually high, so it had to be split in two, but this allowed me to create a pivoting door similar to the one on the Dalek Time Machine, even though we never actually see The Master enter it on screen. (You can see that it wasn't even a full prop as the yellow backdrop is clearly visible through the crack in the door)

Print Recommendations: You should be able to print this at about 40% fill and it'll come out fine. The entire thing is extremely solid except for the two small notches inside for attaching the two halves together.

Color Recommendations: We don't see the Master's TARDIS when it isn't bathed in the golden light of Axos, but in it's natural state, it was probably an eggshell white or light primer grey, similar to other un-Chameleoned TARDISes we've seen before.


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