017 - Ogri
From The Stones of Blood (1978)
Version 2 - Updated 5/8/2021

Finished: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VrwYVeKFKuccuLcGRBh9BT_eDeXgmouQ

Notes: The zip file contains multiple sub-folders depending on whether you plan on printing a solid, hollow, or various LED versions. All parts necessary to print the figure are contained within the subfolders. Your options are:

Solid - No LED Supports (A solid one-piece plastic rock for your enjoyment)

Hollow - No LED Supports (A pre-hollowed version of the model with a large hole at the bottom for drainage while resin printing. Also means you can use the figure as a finger puppet if you want. )

Hollow for 2x3 LED Brick (This is an older version of the design for use with a Lego Compatible LED Brick, that also includes a large clunky dial in the base for turning it on and off. You can still print this version if you wish, but it looks uglier and is more likely to break during play, so either of the other two LED options would be better.

Hollow for Button LED String Lights (Comaptible with the style of LED fairy string lights that take two CR2032 watch batteries and have a button on the back. This allows the LED string to be completely hidden from view and activated by touching a button extension on the back of the figure. This is the version that I think looks the most professional.)

Hollow for Switch LED String Lights (Comaptible with the style of LED fairy string lights that take two CR2032 watch batteries and have a switch on the bottom. This allows the LED string to be turned on and off by sticking your finger into the hole on the underside of the figure, but it's not as professional looking)

Print Recommendations:
If you're filament printing, I recommend printing the entire design in transparent PETG at 100% fill for maximum clarity. PETG requires a much higher print temperature than PLA (I set mine to 250) and works best at a super low print speed of about 10. Alternatively, an opaque "Neutral" PLA may also work, but won't light up as brightly.

For resin, you can print out of clear or white resin, depending on how brightly you want the figure to light up. With 20 LEDs crammed inside, the version I printed in white looks just fine to me.

Color Recommendations: the color is easy, the entire Ogri is sandstone brown. I used a can of Rust-Oleum 223524 Desert Bisque spray paint on mine, and the color came out just about perfect, though the spray paint itself was given to coming out in lumpy chunks that were prone to peeling off wherever it puddled, so your best bet is to spray lightly and in multiple coats. Since the spaypaint is pretty easily scratched, spraying it with a clear varnish or enamel finish might help preserve the surface detail.

If you printed your Ogri out of clear resin and the LEDs are too bright and individually distinct after painting you can diffuse their glow by wrapping them in clear tape or plastic wrap and then shoving the semi clear bundle up into the cavity of the Ogri before you seal it up.


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