010 - Exxilon Root
From Death to the Daleks (1974)
Version 5 - Updated 9/1/2021

Finished: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1USMsYnQdazs4EfgEW-_du2TBZW-ZD7dy

Notes: This figure has been completely redesigned for 2021. You can print as many tube segments of the body as you see fit, but it is recommended that you print at least *THREE* if you are using the new base design that includes a built-in length of tube, and *FOUR to *FIVE* if you are using the flat base. Make sure this is clearly explained if sending the design to a professional printer. The zip file contains two sub-folders depending on whether you plan on printing using regular PLA filament, or a mix of hard and flexible SLA resin. Note that if you are printing in resin, you must include at least a small amount of flexible resin like Siraya Tech's Tenacious in the mix, otherwise the clip-in parts will snap when you bend them.

Print Recommendations: While this figure will sort of print in regular PLA filament, due to its cylindrical nature, the tube segments do not fit together particularly well and the tube will have very obvious rough overhangs. If you do print in PLA, the Root Tube pieces should be printed at 100% infill for maximum strength. The Root Head can be printed at 50-60% infill, and the base can be printed at 40% infill, though 100% infill will give you more weight and stability, as well as a sturdier base plug.

The base and tube sections are best printed on a SLA resin machine using a 70/30% mix of standard black or grey ABS-like resin and a flexible resin like Siraya Tech's Tenacious, though I have successfully printed at only 20% flexible resin, and while it worked, I did end up snapping one of the plugs during assembly, so that's pretty close to the minimum threshhold for printing. The head can be printed out of 100% black or grey resin, since it doesn't need to move or flex at all.

If you use the flexible resin, be careful not to soak the parts in IPA for too long, as this will start to discolor them. The split prongs at the tip of the tubes and rock should bend slightly when pinched using regular finger pressure. In this way, they can be linked together and attached to the head. It will take a few seconds for the prongs to revert back to their original position, at which point the pieces will be securely locked in place, and nearly impossible to pull apart.

Color Recommendations: There appear to be two different root props used during the filming of Death to the Daleks. The hero prop was a dark gun-metal grey with a silverish body, and a light-up yellow eye. The submersable version used for outdoor quarry filming seems to be a darker black color, and likely lacked the light-up eye as it was being used around water.


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