005 - Larvae Gun/Venom Grub
From The Web Planet (1965)
Version 3 - Updated 1/18/2020

Finished: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1n_JRzpVeRfzBL2v23OGhP8qLd3TBn-fS

Notes: A very simple 2-piece figure with no articulation. Just print the two halves and then crazy glue together.

Print Recommendations: For PLA, both sections should be printed individually at 100% fill at a very slow print speed (I used 10) to ensure the cleanest possible prints and to prevent possible snapping during play. (As of version 3 I've provided some extra reinforcement to the legs, but they're still pretty easy to snap off, and the same goes for the "gun" snout.)

The files are pre-hollowed for SLA printing. The top should be angled at about 30 to 45 degrees with supports added along the underside of the gun and at each of the tips where the edge of the shell dips down. The legs should be printed upside down and can be similarly angled.

If possible, I recommend you use a flexible resin like Siraya Tech's Tenacious as either an additive or as your primary resin with a little bit of black resin dye so that the snout and legs are flexible and less likely to snap off. I used about a 75% mixture and it's holding up nicely without causing the paint to flake off.

Color Recommendations: If you're wondering about color, I came across some rare 60's color photograph that shows the top section was a dark chocolate brown color and the legs are a yellowish "mattress foam" color with several random horizontal lines painted on them to simulate leg joints.


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